First Class Dissertation – About Our Origin Story

If you want to know about how our team became incorporated under one main banner and objective, here is a quick origin story about our establishment. Our team didn’t always exist in the state of unison as it appears to be today.

In fact, our members use to operate separately as individual entities to help out students overcome challenges and hindrances which they faced during their academic years. Each one of us went about doing what we thought was best to support pupils in need to accomplish their educational aims and targets.

Then on one faithful day during the fall season, our founding members met a local coffee house in Oxford. It was there a mutual understanding came between all four of them at that time. Today, a decade later, we operate as one single unit with a sole mission that guides us, and that is to offer academic excellence for all students studying in the UK.

Over the years, our team gradually grew with time, but our values and ideals never dwindled even for the slightest moment. We work cohesively to offer the best academic writing services for students so that they can pursue bright and bountiful careers in the future.

About Us

When it comes to our team of professionals, then you need to know one important aspect about them. And that is that they work with complete honesty and trustworthiness. The other striking factor about them is that they never make any promises just to break them. Our team works with 100% commitment and dedication towards our pupil’s academic success. That is why we deploy a result-oriented approach that is bound to get students the results they seek from us.

We implement complete transparency in our method, so each department knows where they stand. This allows us to support each other well and offers you a quick turnaround time for your orders. Our teams are divided into four main departments, including:

  • The Writers Wing – Our ensemble of expert and qualified writers.
  • Proofreading & Editing Department – Our experienced & select group of proofreaders and editors.
  • Customer Support Representatives – Our vigilant support team that is available 24/7 to assist customers.
  • Quality Assurance Department – Supervisors who oversee the action of all other departments and perform regular QA for the entire company.

About First Class Dissertation – Things That Make Us Different

The only clear judgment about our methods and procedures is that we maintain high standards of work and never let the quality of your papers to be compromised. Another aspect about our performance is that we always work hard to meet and exceed your expectations from us. The defining characteristics of services that distinguish us from the rest include:

  • 100% Original & Unique Paper
  • 24/7 Support
  • Affordable Charges
  • Incomparable Quality Standards
  • Timely Submission of Work
  • Specialized Assistance for Your Subjects and Topics